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pnl, 03/24/2009 06:22 PM


What? in one sentence

NiftyName project is more than a nifty name, it's "one of the first Open Source solution to do HaaS" (Hardware as a Service).

What? the trilogy

nifty name : the big picture

NiftyName is the mix of three strongly linked projects, developped by ielo:
  • Sinn (stands for Sinn is a Nifty Name) aka the core site/datacenter manager.
  • Zinn (stands for Zinn is a Nifty Name) aka the multiple client/users and multiple Sinn(s) manager.
  • Zinn-Clients (stands for Zinn-Clients is a Nifty Name for Clients) aka the applications to access Zinn services.


NiftyName exists because ielo searched a long time for a datacenter management solution.
Amazon EC2/S3 solutions (and others) didn't fit for many reasons :
  1. Closed/proprietary solution.
  2. No way to create your own EC2/S3 in your datacenter(s).
  3. Confidentiality risks.
  4. ...

So, NyftyName is born.

NiftyName is a strong and open basis to "do your own Cloud Computing"
Why? Because Cloud Computing is, in this order:
  1. HaaS: NiftyName fits well here ;-)
  2. SaaS: your applications fits well here ;-)

For whom?

In few words, "NiftyName is production grade virtual hardware management solution"

For people who want:
  • Complete control over hardware on one/many datacenter(s),
  • Flexible/elastic hardware resources thanks to virtualisation paradigm,
  • Geographicaly redundant architectures,
  • Powerful disaster recovery,
  • Confidentiality,
  • Energy efficience.

Can I help?

Yes! some mailing-lists are available:

nifty_name.png - nifty name : the big picture (91.3 KB) shouze, 03/24/2009 05:56 PM

Also available in: HTML TXT