The ZiSH program is the client management interface, which allows to manage the entire architecture and its differents services.

The last development version is the 0.9beta.
The last stable version is the 1.0.0.

Launching the client

You can launch the client through a simple shell, simply by executing the following command:

~/: ./zish
zish 0.9beta
Copyright 2009 IELO Lost-Oasis
This is free software with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
For help type `help'.

Base notions

During the all utilisation of the client, an help option is present, which can print out the possible commands and a details.

For exemple :

ZiSH:# help

Documented commands (type help <topic>):
acknowledge  client  exit  help  no  show  user  vsite
ZiSH:# help client

        client <client_name> - Enter/create a client configuration

Nota: it's possible to replace the "help" command by a simple "?", which will have the exact same results.

First approch

Before any intensive utilisation, it is important to explain and understand the utilisation schema of the ZiSH client.

  1. Architecture of the ZiSH client
  2. Creating a user
  3. Creating a client
  4. Create and manage the vsite and its services (virtual machine, stockage volume...)
  5. Create and manage rights and roles

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