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ludo, 03/29/2009 05:23 PM



The ZiGUI program is the client management GUI, which allows to manage the entire architecture and its differents services.

The last development version is the 0.9beta.
The last stable version is the 1.0.0.

Launching the client

You can launch the client through a simple shell, simply by executing the following command:

~/: ./zigui.py

Nota: On unix-based OS, you will need these two packages : python-openssl python-gtk-vnc

Here is a screenshot of the interface :

Base notions

During the all utilisation of the client, an help option is present, indicating you what are the possible commands and a detail of this commands.
This help will appear as tooltip.


Using ZiGUI

  1. Details of the interface
  2. Create a user
  3. Create a client
  4. Create and manage the vsite and its services
  5. Create and manage rights and roles

Also available in: HTML TXT