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76607b46 10/20/2010 04:35 PM Julien Ducros

All datetime now to utcnow

8dfa0110 10/18/2010 03:49 PM Julien Ducros

bug fixes and accounting support

ed5f31cf 08/09/2010 04:10 PM jul

suppression des tests

a899390a 03/05/2010 01:24 PM seb

erp plugin

a480e9d5 08/19/2009 10:44 AM Julien Ducros

ratio change

95729696 03/30/2009 05:22 PM pnl

Apply licensing terms.

a00a2d09 03/26/2009 05:12 PM Sebastien HOUZE
  • doc/api is a newcomer : use some of test/functionnal/lib to generate XMLRPC documentation throught a docbot client (doc/api/generate script)
  • All lib/pyzinn/* files are xmlrpc doc api ready :)
  • All test/functionnal/* files now use a specialized XMLRPC test class...
6242b5f8 03/20/2009 12:24 PM Julien Ducros

xmlrpc documentation on client key invitation update

77349b2c 03/19/2009 10:47 AM Julien Ducros

bug fix

361669eb 03/18/2009 08:45 PM Julien Ducros

a user can list clients which he's a member

4e753910 03/14/2009 08:34 PM Sebastien HOUZE

Functionnal tests for xmlrpc !
Some modules un test/functionnal/lib help to achieve this task
1°/ : copy of the one used by zinn-clients
2°/ : handle user creation, x509 authentification and nvca sign certificate.
basically return an authentified proxy...

a45d5fe2 03/13/2009 12:15 PM Sebastien HOUZE

finishing zone services objects migration, more coherent like this

3905021d 03/13/2009 12:01 PM Sebastien HOUZE

Moving abstract zone objects from sinn to zinn project
Minor fixme, cosmetic and typos