From 05/05/2009 to 06/03/2009


12:54 PM Evolution #60: Stay tuned about sitemgrs status and handle actions
ZoneDispatcher have to be aware about his sitemgrs status in all available sitegroups. The process must connect to the correct sitemgr in case of failure and takeover from an other geographical site. jul


06:26 PM Revision 39ee62e561d5b343a763543ceeaf99ba1939138d: Some more redundancy
Some more redundancy Julien Ducros


06:22 PM Revision e8a4346c7b29735c5e062afc44bdb8c1e65dc550: Begin handle of replication in a sitegroup bet...
Begin handle of replication in a sitegroup between sitemgrs Julien Ducros
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