Publication of the free HaaS platform

Added by shouze 4201 days ago

IELO/Lost-Oasis team is proud to announce the first release of its components aimed to virtualisation platforms management.

Facing the emergence of non-free platforms like Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure and others it was necessary to bring a free solution. It's the first early preview of our NiftyName. At the moment you can create and manage virtual machines pools and all related components (storage, private and public network, etc).

Multi-site active redundancy is not supported yet but all components have been designed for this.

The whole architecture is based on documented XMLRPC (SSL) webservices: you can make your own derivative tools on top.

Furthermore, two clients applications (console and GTK) on top of the API are already distributed.

This 1.0.0 verison supports the following functionnalities:
  • Virtual machines (based on KVM, multi cpu, x86-64, VNC, etc)
  • Storage (private, public, clone, shared between instances)
  • Network (public addresses, IPv6 support, private Vlan, multiple interfaces)
  • Users/clients management, permissions, roles, etc

A test platform is available, you can create test users and services today in real conditions.

We're looking forward to read your remarks, propositions and contributions to make the project better and carry it to a higher level.

Go to official NiftyName website :


Added by krisbuytaert 4200 days ago

Can you detail how this differs from tools such as openQRM , Eucalyptus, Enomaly ?

Plenty of Open Source HAAS platforms around alreay .. what made you folks decide there was need for another one ?

Added by debosvi 4199 days ago


I am very interested in this project.
Nightyname looks like a good project, which needs time to mature.

I read the Wiki pages to know about what it is exactly.
Unfortunately, I saw VNC in VM items list.

As I think, VNC is not really secure to use within multi-site context.
Does it exist other remote features to use or is it the only way to manage multi-site installation??

Thank you for your answer.